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I put a cover over my bike and the muffler was still hot, my bad. Part of the cover melted onto it. Using steel wool to try getting it removed. Any recommendations? also while working on it, found a small hole on the underside. should i visit a place to weld it closed or can i just leave it? I noticed it as i was running the engine to heat up the muffler hoping it would soften the melted residue using the steel wool, so felt the exhaust coming out of the hole. I would never have noticed it otherwise.
Some have had success with Oven Cleaner. I'd try to razor-blade (carefully) as much of the thicker residue as I could before warming the pipe and further cleaning. I did this when the wife melted a rubber or plastic soled shoe on my HK3" years ago. IDK what the hole could be, is it a perfect circle like something drilled or bolted would use? How big is the hole, roughly? Pix might help someone to guide you as to how to repair. GL
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