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2007 Custom VTX-1300 Pro-Street 250

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Modification List:

RC Components Venom Wheels (front 21x3.5, rear 18x8.5)
RC Components Venom Front and Rear Brake Rotors
250/40R18 Avon Cobra AV72
120/70R21 Avon Cobra AV72
KewlMetal 45* Pro Street Rake Kit w/ full length fork covers
*Fork height currently set +4.5" over stock
Sumo-X Tubular Swingarm
Arnott Air Ride System w/ Chrome covers
Cycle House Q5 Billet Air Intake
Ultima Headlight (5-3/4" Tri-Bar w/ Visor)
Xtreme Revolutions X-Calibur 14-Guage Steel Rear Fender w/ Chrome CNC Fender Struts
Custom Painted by Kustom Paint Werks and Dezine
Gas Tank Seam Removal (Kustom Paint Werks & Dezine)
Xtreme Revolutions SwitchBlade Side covers
LA Choppers BFL2 Handlebars (4" Rise w/ Chopper Rake)
Jardine Billet Grips and Footpegs
Spiked Passenger Footpegs
Corbra Speedsters Slashdowns w/ Quite-core baffles
Kuryakyn Chrome case covers and engine covers
Kuryakyn Small Silver Bullets
Kuryakyn Wide Brake/Clutch Levers
Kuryakyn Run-Turn-Brake Module
V-Twin Manufacturing Mirrors
Show Chrome Frame Covers
Show Chrome Final Drive Bolt covers
Polished Final Drive
Polished Fork Lowers
Custom Billet Aluminum Final covers (axle, drain plug, & filler)
Stumpwerx Chrome Kickstand
Stumpwerx Chrome Control Housings
Stumpwerx Billet Final Dust Ring
Stumpwerx one-off CNC Spike Engine Covers
Stumpwerx Radiator cowl Powder Coated back with Stainless Grill
Clocks4Bikes Dash Clock
MeanCityCycles Modified 1800c seat
Yellow Box Speedo Recalibrator
+4 Stainless Steel Front Brake Line
Stainless Steel Rear Brake Line
VTX-1300R Clutch/Throttle Cables
Relocated Stock Horn under engine
Side Mount License Bracket
MeanCycles Side Mount Adapter
Billet Proof Brake Reservoir Cover
Hicks Clutch Tension Reducer
Chrome 6-Piston Performance Machine Front Brake Caliper and custom stainless adapter
Chrome 4-Piston Rear Brake Rotor with CNC billet hidden relocation bracket
VTX1800 Front and Rear master cylinders
Chrome Front Wheel Spacers
PAIR Block Off Plates
Factory Pro Jet Kit
Starter Circuit Relay Mod

2007 (*first registered in 2008) currently has 6,592 miles.

Price = $11,999

I would prefer local pickup (San Diego, CA) *Obviously SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY
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Well....between getting a new job working at home ~2 years ago (*no commuting anymore) and having a young daughter I've ridden my bike about 5-6 times in the last two years

I'm toying with the idea of selling it any buying a new car to play around with next year. I'm in no rush and don't need the money or to really sell it so please don't send me any low-ball offers. If you know of anyone truly interested though send them my way. Thanks.
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12 grand seems low to me considering all that you put into it. These things aren't much of an investment, are they.:p
That bike is a work of art. Good luck with the sale.
12 grand seems low to me considering all that you put into it. These things aren't much of an investment, are they.:p
That bike is a work of art. Good luck with the sale.
I calculated a very conservative resell value of the major parts to be $7000-$8000. This does not take into account that many of the parts are no longer available or one-off. I spent about $18-19K on the bike (no labor...labor of love) so yes these aren't very good investments:D
Just a beautiful ride, look how much better it looks than the Fury imo and less than 1000 miles a year gone on it. That borders on abuse! :bleh:
I wish you luck with the sale, it's hard to get what they're worth.

This makes me sad.
I, also, am saddened. Man's gotta do what he has to do though. Wishing you a speedy sale at a price that satisfies you.
All I can do is drool....:icon_drib
Hi DC,

Ive advertised my bike locally last week for $9,500.00 Canadian Dollars! Had to inquires and then pulled the ad!

I want to do a Phat Bagger, my wife likes to go on bike trips and my bike sucks for a passenger... LOL!

Good luck and I know how you fell about the price and parting with it!

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