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2013 wv summer ride (for information only)

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dates: july 5, july 6 and july 7
(3 days this time...reason to follow shortly)
location: davy and welch, wv

those of you that have been to last years ride here know most of the new info about this year, but i have extended the ride to 3 days. there will be a special event to occur on saturday, so the actual ride will take place on friday and sunday. i know some probably wont be able to make it because of the 4th being the same week, and this being the "4th of july weekend" but i was asked to do it this weekend for a very special occasion and i agreed.

so now with the standard information...

the itinerary...hopefully most will arrive thursday night.
1. the pizza place we have had dinner at the last two years is now we will be doing dinner on thursday night at pizza hut in welch.
2. friday morning will be breakfast at the sterling drive followed by fridays ride (route will be posted when i make one)
3. after the ride will be the cookout at davy and giving out door prizes donated by generous sponsors.
4. saturday morning will be breakfast at the sterling drive in followed by a short ride and then to the special event.
5. sunday morning will be breakfast at the sterling drive in followed by sundays planned ride...after which everyone will go their own ways back home.

room info...

pocahontas motel (booked full now. no more rooms)
3731 stewart street
welch, wv
(304) 436-2250

count gilu motel
201 vocational school rd
welch, wv
(304) 436-3041

big four motel
25925 coal heritage rd
rt 52 north
welch, wv
(304) 585-7313

there will be several other places to reserve rooms...i will post as i get the info.
rooms will be first come first serve, and everyone is responsible for making sure they have one.

list of people planning on attending...

  1. knightrook and mrs knightrook
  2. hoss37 and mrs hoss
  3. redrum
  4. bassdude404 and mrs bassdude
  5. outriderone
  6. spoiler
  7. g3truks
  8. tigerx and tigerlily
  9. trkrjeff
  10. sumdatx
  11. fuman and mrs fuman
  12. fmeyers007 and "the tina"
  13. deno
  14. indyx
  15. madaba and mrs madaba
  16. justpics and mrs justpics
  17. pastor dave
  18. vinish and mylilpony
  19. 2unwind
  20. chickridr
  21. beriah and mrs beriah
  22. eagleinthewind
  23. rdacpa
  24. headcase
  25. mdolph and mrs mdolph
  26. itscruz and batwoman
  27. hamph and mrs hamph
  28. jonnhid
  29. kookopelli
  30. big x and hopefully mrs big x
  31. badjuan
  32. epiphysis and mrs epiphysis
  33. flamenko and ms flamenko
  34. morencytx459
  35. vannutz
  36. sumncguy and mrs sumncguy
  37. darwin
  38. punkdaddy
  39. big kahuna

also...we now have several companies already on board for door prizes... (been with the ride from the first time we did door prizes) (donated a nice gift...thanks linda) (with us from the first time as well...thanks to lori and fox creek)

cyclesunblocker (with us from the first giveaway too. look them up on keyword "cyclesunblocker" (all one word). thanks john)
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We got the last single available when I called, room #6...
Well I appreciate the alphabetization, but corresponding numbers in front of each would be a nice addition as well.. You know.. 1, 2, 3, ect... That way I don't have to count up how many people are coming
you can count them like 1..2...3.. and so forth. we know you can do it.:mosh:
And take off your shoes and socks beforehand, so you don't lose your place and have to start all over again....
How about some wedding bells or cans being pulled by the bike?

Thinking purple

I may be ending up solo in a room with a king size bed(don't get no bright ideas, that's why I used the serious thread)
Solo???...Thought she was riding with you Gene...
Jenny and I are also pumped up for this...Got a room at the Red Roof Inn/grove City for the 3rd, and hoping to hit up Iron Pony while in the area, then catch the fireworks in Columbus that night....
Ok, I am in. Bill and Beriah, you guys want to meet up going to chillicothe out of columbus?

Sure thing, works for me....
It's too bad we don't have C B's like the old days. We could have us a convoy!!!!

Badjuan :patriot:
Man you couldn't pay me to install a CB on my bike!!...Heard enough "CB Rambo" :icon_bs: when I drove truck for a living...

So looks like I will be at the hotel at 8:30ish
Hotel??...You mean where we're staying at??...
One thread says we meet up at BP station by the motel, another saying at the motel...Can you guys make up my mind for me??
Ok Bill, I won't try and confuse this any longer. Was going to meet you at YOUR hotel (red roof) then go to chillicothe to meet up with the others. Either way its all good.

As I sit here thinking about it, maybe the gas station Beriah mentioned would be better...Jen and I can meet you guys there and get our morning caffiene (fancy coffee/whatever for her, Coke Zero for me) fix going on while waiting for ya....

Let's just plan on Bob Evans. They were good to us last year so let's reward them for their customer focus. Besides, we know where it is :) If there is any problem with the Bob Evans, the Applebees next door and the Fat Patty's on the other side of the highway are options. So let's plan on noon, Thursday at the Bob Evans.


Oh goodie, another Bob Evans.....:banghead: Two years ago on the WV ride, both Bob Evans we went to had some of the worst service on the planet...Maybe I'll just grab a danish and a Coke Zero at a gas station and hang out with the bikes....
I'm not starving...Never eat breakfast, and usually don't eat lunch either...
You guys just go wherever you want, and we'll call an audible at that time...Like I said already, we don't usually eat until later in the day anyways....
Probably would work better to [ut the Prius on a trailer and pull it with the
1 - 14 of 218 Posts
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