We purchased the used 2016 Time Out Deluxe Edition Motorcycle Camping Trailer for sale a couple of years ago and since that time we have had the camper out just Two(2) times. We went camping just one time last year due to COVID.
The TimeOut Camper is in excellent used condition with no tears in the canvas or in the screens. There are three layers in the sitting room. Three layers of protection from those pesky little bugs, lights and/or the elements.

The first layer is a black out layer, the second is a smoke plastic that lets light in but blocks people from seeing inside from the outside and finally the screen to allow fresh air ventilation into the camper.

The windows surrounding the sleeping area and the door have screens and a blackout covers.

The Time Out Deluxe Edition Camper can be set up in minutes and features a large carrying rack on the tongue that I used to transport the air conditioner and our cooler.

The camper comes with the following equipment:

A one year old 5,000 BTU air conditioner and a TimeOut air conditioner stand

A Queen size Coleman air bed with pump

A standard camping size USA Map Table and stand.

A TimeOut brand luggage bag

A large, round, insulated 3 Gallon cooler

Wheel blocks