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Apple Certified Refur 2020 MacBook pro M1 | eBay

This is an Apple Certified Refurbished 2020 M1 Macbook Pro. I bought for my kid for last Christmas, but her grandparents gave her the same machine (but 16gb Ram instead of 8gm). So, this one has been on my desk since.

Still in the shrink wrap, never opened or used. AppleCare+ warranty good through 11-2024.

Paid $1,799 in Nov, 2020. selling for $1,599 on ebay (laptop plus cost of applecare+)

But will sell to a legit (meaning you have been around awhile) VTXOA or VTXCAFE brother for $1,400 flat + free shipping. PayPal Good and Services only to protect us both.