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2022 Scavenger Hunt

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It's that time of year again when the new Hunt begins. By "default" I was given the last mark of 2021. So, in the spirt of getting out and seeing some new sights, I am going to start off this year's Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt. (Following rules are copied from last year, credit: Guidedawg)

Rules are easy and casual:

Once a mark is named, the first person to post a picture of their bike with the mark, names the next mark.

You must take a picture AFTER the mark is called.(no old photos)

We can be flexible on this, but I suggest giving 2 weeks for a mark to be found. If it has not, then the poster should choose a different mark.

If it has been a month, anyone can take a photo of their bike with a different category and name that as the new mark for anyone else. This should help keep the game moving along.

The whole point is to get out and ride, see some sights, and have a few laughs. Plus, we love seeing pics of our bikes - so go get 'em!

Wheel Tire Plant Window Automotive tire

In the spirit of the New Year and resolutions, the first mark of 2022 is: Your bike and a gym, health food store, or fitness equipment (if your bike is slumbering in the garage like mine, any fitness equipment in the garage with it counts).

Ride Safe!
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Here's some inspiration... since my bike won't be leaving the garage for a while...

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Ride Safe!
that mountain reminds me of one seen from I-84
heading towards Boise, from Mtn. Home
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