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24L Leather Hondaline Bags for 18L Leather Hondaline Bags?

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Just throwing it out there -
Does anyone have a set of 08L56-MEM-100A 18L Plain bags ( 1300C ) that they would like to trade for a set of 08L56-MCV-100A 24L ( 1300 / 1800 R/S/T ) Plain bags? My bags are in Very good Condition i bought them used thinking they were the smaller size that i needed.
Im assuming that the hondaline saddlebag brackets that i have with accept either of the bags & fit the inside bag bolt pattern.
Instead of spending more money buying the bracket to relocate my signals, id like to try to trade for the smaller ones first maybe someone local in the tampabay area.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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