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well the 3rd annual ride is in the books my good buddy fencefixer arrived from Ohio on thursday, we had rain in the forecast thursday night so I had fence's my buddy scooter's and my bike and trailer (not to mention my harley) all crammed into my little garage.

as usual we started to New Mexico at the ass crack of dawn after about 300 miles of rolling grassland we hit the New Mexico border

started running into rain once we crossed into New Mexico, we stopped at Glastone NM again I really suggest you eat there if you are ever in the area great food and the town population is 3 buildings and 5 people

from there we rode through Springer
NM and Cimmaron NM at this point it was sleeting and snowing on us. we camped that night at the Cimmaron Valley state park about 12 miles from Eagles Nest NM in the mountians
here is a video of our outstanding campsite(click picture to play video)

and a few pics of the campsite

of course we had to ham it up a bit after a long days ride
scooter and myself

fencefixer and myself

cooking gourmet dinner (kabolsa suasage and chili)

we had mule deer walking through the campsite

this little video just sums up our humor on the whole trip it was like x-rated 3 stooges the entire time I had a blast, replay it and listen carefully lol
(click picture to play video)

the next morning we headed out to red river and had to divert to Toas instead due to heavy snow, this is us on the side of the road at this point its snowing lightly and freezing rain

we rode south from Toas NM to Las Vegas NM and outstanding stretch of road about 100 miles of mountian twisties very scenic. from Las Vegas we rode to roswell where I brain farted on using my camera and from Roswell we rode to the entrance of Carlbad Caverns State park fighting thunderstorms the whole way! but at least it quit snowing lol. We spent the night that night in a hotel at the entrance to the park called White City.

the next morning we were up at the asscrack of dawn to be at Carlsbad Caverns for sunrise

we conned an older lady into taking a picture of the three of us before we headed into the caverns

if you have never been to carlsbad caverns I strongly suggest you put it on your trip list. words cant describe it and I wont ruin it for you with pictures. it took us 1 1/2 hours after we entered the cavern to hike to the bottom and another hour to explore the huge room at the bottom. the elevator ride out was 550 feet straight up. amazing stuff! I will share a few pics of the entrance though.

this is from inside 200 feet under the entrance

my buddy Scooter snapped this on the road after we were leaving the park

quick stop at the Texas state line for some pics

and on to Canyon TX we camped that Night at Paulo Duro state park in texas after reading about several peoples trips there on the forum I wanted to check it out. must say it was really pretty. here is our campsite

I heard a turkey gobbling in the brush so being an avid hunter I whipped out my handy I-phone with turkey call app and showed off my skills!

here are some sunrise pics in Paulo Duro

from there it was through Amarillo Tx and back to the Oklahoma Panhandle.
Not a bad way to spend 4 days and 3 nights had a blast with good friends rode the entire length of New Mexico played in Texas and Oklahoma all with 2 great friends. I was pretty lax on pictures this time but fencefixer took a ton of them and I am sure he will chime in on here. as for the stories its probably best not to share them lol no evidence that way. will be planning another trip next spring and anyone who can keep up is welcome!
(by the way I suck at narritives so sorry if I droned on)

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Hey, where are the dirty pics? It said dirty pics and stories..... Oh... Never mind. Nice trip chop. Say hi to ff for me.

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Wow, that was a buttburner! Great pics, how many miles was that? Thanks for sharing!

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my goal in life is to have my heart attack and die on a run like that, not sitting here at my desk... i'm hunting for warm, waterproof clothes and am clearing may for next year...
oh and if you die on one of my trips we will just divy up your stuff and continue the ride ;)
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