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A buddy of mine took a spill last night

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Well, after only three days of riding I witnessed something I would prefer to never see again. A friend of mine (his name is Brent) had been talking about some new twisty roads he found at an unfinished subdivision (more like un-started). He was all excited about no longer having any chicken strip left on his tires (he has a Ducati) and he wanted to go ride that area. So, Brent, my roommate, and I headed out. We had just gotten into the subdivision when Brent took a hard left going too fast. He went down and I guess his leg broke the fall of the bike (there were no scratches on the pipes). He broke both the tibia and fibula of his left leg. He will be going into surgery sometime this morning to have his leg repaired. If you would, just keep him in your prayers for a speedy recovery.

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After 3 days experience, I sure hope your not trying to keep up with someone on a Ducati. Downfall of many noobies - riding above their ability trying to "keep up" You can get bit quick, it doesn't take much.
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