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A few questions from a new rider

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Hello all,

New to the forum...lots of information here!

Well, it's been about 12 years since I've ridden a motorcycle (and that was a dirtbike). Looking to get back into it and I've got my eye on an '06 VTX 1300C.

My first question is about handlebars. I don't particularly like the feel of drag bars, but I really like bars with some pullback. Can anyone suggest a good brand/model?

Next, what about forward controls? I'm 6'3 and am definitely going to want to push the pegs out a little farther. I was thinking about the Jardine forward controls. Any thoughts?

I'm sure I'll have more questions as time goes on, but for now that'll do it.

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Shutterbug said:
I know what you mean. Just something about the lines of the R that didn't appeal to me either. Maybe it's those German WWII helmet-looking fenders.

Just kidding...that's why Honda was smart making 2 different styles. ;)
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