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Advice needed with Big Air Kit!!!

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Hey everyone I need some help! :banghead: I am considering a Barons Big Air Kit for my X. It's a 2006 1300 C with stock air box and filter and Hard Krome pipes. I'm pretty sure i will need to jet the carb when i install the kit, but is that all??????? I'm also probably gonna do the pair valve mod * not sure if that's the correct name of it* while I'm in there doing the other. ANY and ALL help or tips would be greatly appreciated!!!!! :)

Thanks in advance, Will
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May not need to rejet. I would try the SCAR mod first. It will only cost you a few cents for the washers to put under the needle. 2 or 3 washers may do the trick. Worse case is that you have to rejet later...and only use factory pro jets. All others are crap. Definately do the PAIR mod. If you don't know how go to He has a step by step video of it. While you working on the carb, I would install Glen's permanent a/f screw. You can fine tune the carb with this tool so easily. Hope this helps...
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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