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Advice needed with Big Air Kit!!!

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Hey everyone I need some help! :banghead: I am considering a Barons Big Air Kit for my X. It's a 2006 1300 C with stock air box and filter and Hard Krome pipes. I'm pretty sure i will need to jet the carb when i install the kit, but is that all??????? I'm also probably gonna do the pair valve mod * not sure if that's the correct name of it* while I'm in there doing the other. ANY and ALL help or tips would be greatly appreciated!!!!! :)

Thanks in advance, Will
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THANK YOU for the advice. Sounds like I've got some research to do and parts to find. I also agree with BassDude! If it's worth doing it's worth doing right the first time. I'm gonna track down a FP jet kit and make sure everything else is lined up before I get started. It's to nice here in SC to tear down my X and not be able to ride because I'm waiting on some part. If anyone else has some two cents to toss in, by all means please do. Thanks again guys!!! I really appreciate the help!!! :D
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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