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Aeromach 4" Risers Ordered!!!

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I ordered a set of Areomach 4" risers and a set of MC enterprises higway pegs. haven't gotem yet but looking foward to the improvement while riding. Still can't decide on the exhaust though. I Like the way the ********** slip on mufflers look and sound. I know about the drill out of the stock mufflers, but I honestly just don't like the look of the stock mufflers, to big for my taste. Plus I want more room for some larger saddle bags down the road. Ones I have look good but not enough room for stuff:) Does ayone have experience with any of the 2 into 1 systems? I like the look of the Roadhouse brand, though expensive but different looking. I don't want nothing obnoxiously loud just something to give me the nice single pin crankshaft rumble that the stock mufflers, well muffle :stirpot: ! I know the drillout would be the less expensive, but just don't like the look. Decisions, Decisions:choppersm
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HK Sideburners are a great 2 into 1 system, they sound really good but they are loud. Actually heard a set the other week on a 1300, and I think they are actually a little quieter than the HK 3's (more rumble definitely). I don't have any experience with the Roadhouse 2 into 1's, so can't really comment on them. My advice, save your money for a full aftermarket exhaust system. Most people drill, then buy slip-ons, then go to a full aftermarket exhaust anyway from what I've seen. Save yourself some time and just save up for the full set-up. I'd recommend the Sturgis Thunder Pipe Works mod. if you do not plan to mess with anything at the airbox (I had some major trouble with this as many people on this forum know); I had it and they sounded great. But, it's expensive and you can buy a full aftermarket exhaust for around the same price or up to around $150 more.

My other word of advice--with slip-ons, you get what you pay for. I've seen a good handful of people that have slip-ons that end up blueing or browning up on them and it was just a total waste of $$. Nothing against **********.
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