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after market grips

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I want to replace my stock grips but before i buy newones i need to make sure that the handle bars I want will fit, the grips fit a 1 inch bar, any answers? Also, has anyone bought parts from KapscoMoto, i have read some product reviews but not many and most are useless, they don't talk about the product, just the speed of delivery, does any one know about this company?
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KapscoMoto and D2Moto are of the same ilk. Sister sites I believe.

Have read thru research several complaints about quality, correct fit, deceptive descriptions of product and pizz poor customer service to no customer service on KapscoMoto..

Have had one dealing with D2Moto. Ordered some mirrors. Crappy beyond crappy chrome finish. Pitted and wavy. Contacted them. They wanted pictures. Sent them. They wanted more pictures. Sent them.

They wanted me to pay return shipping. 12.00+ for some mirrors on sale costing 17.00. They were for the Grandkids Rebel so I wasn't expecting a high dollar product but this was ridiculous. Ended up they wanted me to ship them at my expense and "IF" they deemed it a factory defect they would replace them. Well I knew where that was going. Refused ... so they said the crappy mirrors were mine. I trashed the damn things.

They're a Shi _ _ y bunch to work with. Always love to look at their sales. 50% - 75% OFF. Only thing is during the sale 95% of the items are out of stock. The day after the sale it is all in stock. What a bunch of shysters.

I would steer clear.... You get what you pay for.
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