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Another transformation....

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Scored a set of VN Customs drop bags and fender back in September that have never been on a bike....Had Jen help me get the bike up on the operating table last weekend, and today I pulled the old stuff off and kinda got the fender mocked up....Couldn't get the stock inner fender structure in there right, so looks like I'll have to do some Dremel work in there to get the clearance I need...

Held the bags up to the fender and I'll have to reshape the bottom of both bags for exhaust clearance...And the right bag is made to work with the stock exhaust, so the floor is pretty high...I'll be cutting that out and making that bag deeper inside and this bike won't ever see a set of stock VTX pipes

And of course I'll be adding speakers in the lids, and have a cool idea in my head for the license plate mount that I've never seen done before...Also taking the opportunity to do some modifications to the fairing that I've had brewing in my head for a good five years or so....

Lots of fiberglass work in my future...:cool:


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We all followed your work on your ride(s) over the years, your work speaks for itself. Keep the routine posts & pix coming, Bill.
I don't get here as much as I used to by far....first time in months.
Life has gotten busy, kids getting older, first grandkid came along, Mom's needing more help (92), did a huge addition on the house over the last 2 years (COVID), work is crazy, just not enough time to ride.

I'm hoping things will be back to normal next year.
I think of the new terminology: The NEW Normal.
Looks great. Keep posting progress, Bill.
Then got started on a new piece for the fairing.....
Dumbass question: Whats the purpose for the fairing piece? to make room inside the rairing for something, or is it like an air intake for ventilation? Or?
This past Saturday we had a birthday party going on here, but I got out in garage yesterday morning for a bit....Started sanding the outside smooth where I extended the floor of the right bag, and of course sanded through some thin areas...Rather than keep sanding I decided to add more fiberglass in the low areas and of course fix the spots I sanded through...Despite the "sanded through" spots, I'm happy with the progress and how the extended floor area is blending into the rest like it's supposed to....

Annnd of course the pics aren't loading in order and I can't figure out how to fix it, so my apologies for that..... View attachment 245645 View attachment 245646
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We are not worthy. If it was easy anyone could do it.
The shorter 2.0 looks better.
Following every detail. Really appreciate mad skills. Where are the firing ports for the Photon Torpedoes? JK, jk.
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