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Another Windshield post

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I just got my 05 VTX 1300R. I have been reading posts on several boards on windshields. Could you guys give me the short list of the top few to look at? Would you recommend one that has the quick removal feature?

thanks Chuck
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NC Hammer said:
Sorry for missing that. They didn't have 2 choices back in January '03. It was the Honda shield and Lightbar. It was your choice how to install. You could leave the lightbar off, but you needed some of the brackets that came with the lightbar to install the windshield. I was going to get the lightbar anyway, so it didn't matter. Everyone sees me coming. When riding behind BlkXride, he makes me turn off the spotlights. But, he hasn't seen how much I have raised the headlight yet. I'll have to start taking the lead. LOL
Oh finally I won't have to keep worrying about going blind from having those spots shinning in my mirrors!!! LOL

Hey as long as your out front let 'um shine! You're deffinatively visable.
I have the Natl Cycle deflector shield (handlebar mounted) at the moment and really like how it works but I'm thinking about changing to their switch blade system and using the deflector shield with it. I may also opt to get one of their larger shields (not sure which one) if I think I need it for cooler or longer rides or take them off for around town rides.

I'd prefer to ride without a shield but the body just can't take the constant blast of wind anymore :mad:
JohnNC said:
I just put the switchblade deflector on my 1300. Easy install and on/off in 2 seconds. However, the deflector is small, not a full windshield. Just got back from a 500 mile ride to the NC mountains today. Worked great at taking the wind blast off the chest, but the wind still hit the middle of my forehead, causing the same amount of wind noise as without a deflector. There was NOT an increase in buffeting, thank goodness, but that could be my big head and a good helmet, LOL. I'm going to order the 'two up' shield for the switchblade to see if it offers more complete wind isolation. Quality-wise, the switchblade is great, btw.

With my handle bar mount the wind goes over my helmet. No buffetting and still provides for wind coming into the top vents on my helmet. I do know my passenger get some wind in the face though. I wonder if the shape of the deflector is the same with the HB mount and the SB mount? Also I'd appreciate it if you could tell me how much adjustment you get with the SB mount. Thanks
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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