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This event has been good in the past . There are alot of old and newer bikes to see.

Chesnee SC 29323

July 30th and 31st

saturday there is a ride planned and
sunday is the whole little town covered in motorcycles.

Located on scenic hwy 11 north of spartanburg

PM me if you have questions.. I will try to find anwsers.

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I went for the first time last year. There were Preppies, weekend riders, hillbillies, 1%'ers, regular bikers and a ton of old farts and a few real wierdos!

I really enjoyed it 'cuz it was STILL a really tiny American town atmosphere. :patriot:

The only drawback at all was that it was hotter than the inside of pizza oven!

:stirpot:There's a nice little 50s-60s sorta themed restaurant down Main worth eating at, but be patient and expect to be there a while. This is the only time each year they're swamped, I was told.

Cow Pens Battlefield is just down the road (literally) and there's tons of great hill ride routes to the north and east just out of town. And, of course, heading west on Hwy 11 is really pretty! :cheers:

You need a helmet, though, if you cross the line into NORTH Carolina. :mad:
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