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Hello great forum members :mosh:

i have an electrical problem with my bike and dont know how to solve it so please if you have a clue dont hesitate sharing it

i have a VTX 1800C and equipped with a Dakota digital meter type MCV-7100

here is the link as well

now my problem is the that every time i ride the bike after 10 - 15 minute the low battery signal turns on and shows that battery charging i not OK ( it drops from 13.8 V to 9V and sometimes to 4.5V )

my mechanic told me that it was the rectifier so i changed it and drove like half an hour fine and OK thinking that the problem was solved but hell no its still there and the lamp goes on again :banghead::banghead:

This issue lasts for a week before the battery dies so i recharge it etc etc etc

now i came up to a temporary solution which is every time i stop i take out the power fuse off so cutting off the electrical circuit and consequently no battery is consumed. The moment i drive again it takes like 10 to 15 minutes of charging then the lamps goes on again

i am suspecting the installation and wiring of the bike where something is wrong and again my mechanic tries to convince me its the Dakota meter :nono::nono: but i dont trust him no more especially after the new rectifier that didn't solve the whole problem .

can any one of our experts help and guide me where and how to start to work on and solve this silly problem :hmm2:

thanks you all
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