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Anybody know Vice Industries

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Bryan Wiley from Vice Industries... an ebay seller who has the Punisher bars from Cruiser Performance.
Well, my nephew bought one from him on Feb 22 and pay thru paypal. To make the long story short, we never received the handlebar. I've tried to call several times to a phone number located on his page... never answer. Only a standard voicemail and I left several messages but he didn't answered.
Only he wrote a few emails. He said that he tried to ship to me but my address was undeliverable. yeah right. :hmm2:
I use the same address for every item I purchase from internet and no one seems to have any problem with it.

So, weeks are passing by and he was emailing me with " new tracking number" which was made by the usps automatic system.... I left it that way, hoping to get the handlebar soon with every tracking he was sending me.
On Apr 28 I decided to claim a full refund. I'd a dispute claim at Paypal as well on Ebay.

Ebay told me that I had wait too much so they can not proceed with the claim.
Paypal said the same BS so I'm afraid I loose my $$$

I wrote this guy several times during these days but without any luck. I gave him a negative feedback and whoala! He wrote back with another negative which says: he tried to ship to me... yeah right.

So if anyone here had a problem with him, let me know how you were able to handle the situation.
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I have had the same issue with another ebay'r...gave a negative feedback score for him and got a deluge of emails I feel your pain. for anyone who buys on ebay, just call the seller before purchasing...most are good and credible-just have to take precautions. Good luck getting your dough..
OK... this was the auction

And this, his email:
[email protected]
and his paypal email [email protected]

My nephew's nick is cheo1300.

He has a good score. 99.7% at the moment of the transaction.
Actually I saw a few people here giving his link for the punisher. Don't know why he did this to my nephew. And I have several email as a proof of my action trying to get the handlebar.
The last option I have is to fill a claim directly to the credit card company. Let's see.
But for now, he got my $$ (nephew's) and the handlebar never show up.
Definitely go the credit card route-i did the same thing-just have to provide a proof statement, and the debit will be credited to your account. The CC company will pursue. No use beating this guy up anymore, just continues the you're the bigger person...
Sorry to bump here but...Boop that new shot of your bike is is looking sweet...
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