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Just a heads up to anyone who might be needing a large sissy bar bag.

Leather up has their Deluxe Sissy Bar Bag Travel Set x600 on sale.

Regularly priced at $159.95 ( o.k. I know about regular pricing ... lol ) on sale for $59.95.

With the promo code GIFTS you can get 15% off of that.

It is a PVC bag. Pleather ( plastic leather ) hence the low price but the reviews are good and for just a hair under $51.00 sounds like you can have a pretty functional piece of luggage. Check it out.

I ordered one on impulse - Merry Christmas to Me - always room for another good bag for use between the two bikes.

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I bought a bag very similar to this from same people, but it was all leather,and $30 more, and came with rain covers. Yes, the soft bags will not stand alone, but when I need that much luggage, it's usually full enough when packed to stand on it's own. in my opinion, the price is very good for what you're getting.

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