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Anyone installed Viking Hard Mount Saddlebags on VTX 1300C?

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I'm looking at these bags, among others, on the Viking website: Link Being a newbie, I'm concerned about installation. The website indicates that the included hardware permits installation without any protective brackets (for hard mount installation, not throwover). I'm skeptical, but don't know enough, so I'm looking for some direction and advice from folks who've actually installed some of the saddlebags from Viking (they seem to use the same hardware for all of their bags).

  1. Do you really not need protective brackets for hard mount installation?
  2. Do these really install that easily using the existing bolt hole spacing?

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Yes and No.

I used the bracket that they included because the easy brackets I had, held them to far away from my bike. They install easy ounce you have the correct bolts. I like the bags and I like the way they look, they are worth the money.
The thing that is going to test your patience is the two rear bolts on your fendor rail. You are going to need longer ones but you will struggle to find them.(Honda used a different pitch on those bolts) I eventually quit looking and took the fendor off the removed the support bracket from behind it. I then took my dremmel and cut off the nuts that are tack welded to the support bracket. I picked up a set of stainless nuts bolts fendor washers and lock washers from ACE. Problem solved.

Its not bad and the bags are great for the money.


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Oh don't you worry the Dealership will either find the bolts. They will mount them for enough money.

Yea it does take time and I will not lie, some times I get really frustrated with it. But if you stick around this forum you will find there are alot of guys here that are more than willing to help and they have alot of mechanical skill. Personally, I enjoy fixing my own things; bike, truck, house. I ask questions and learn as I go.Knock back a few cold ones and go after it. Like my old man always said, theres no hill for a climber.
I bought my 1300C used and it came with Viking bags already installed. My bike had no sissy bar and the wife felt like she was always about to fall off. I bought a Hondaline deluxe sissy bar and luggage rack combo from one of our forum members. I had to remove the viking bags to install the mounting bracket for sissy bar. When I went to put the bags back on I realized the mounting bracket covers the rear bolt on the fender which the viking bag needs for mounting. I asked around and contacted Viking and asked them if there was a way around this but all they said was, "Viking bags are not compatible with Hondaline deluxe sissy bars". I was really bummed cause I really liked the bags on the bike. I don't want to drill a hole in the chrome bracket so I'm still looking for a fix.

BTW, Honda doesn't have those rear bolts in a longer size either, been there done that. I don't know where the guy got the bolts that were used to install the bags originally, probably Viking, but I'm holding in to them. Looking for those bolts is looking for hens teeth.

Consider what kind of sissy bar, if any, you might install before you buy the Viking bags.

Ride safe

My bags used the front two holes, I think. I am not 100% but look at my picture above, I think that is the Delux sissy bar...:hmm2:
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