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apes miniapes and cables

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call me kooky call me wacky, but I want some taller bars. Im not wanting to go full blown 18+" apehangers but more like 12-13" miniapes. How high can I go with the stock cables on an 1800R? And what all cables would I be lookin at replacing if I had to? I dont want to spend $100 on new bars then turn around and throw anothe $3-400 at more cables, still, I want to go taller. Ive had my bike 2 months, and Im itching to start making it my own, I havent added anything to it (not counting the replacement parts from a wreck
) Theres things I need, like a power commander or the like, grips and my Step Dad mentioned training wheels hardy har har
. hes a funny guy aint he folks? But anyway, one thing I really want is taller bars, so any help from any one that might know, Id appreciate the info.
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unashamed *BUMP*
HI kooky and wacky. So, you don't want to go full ape but just partial ape? Well, I can't help ya there as the only "ape hangers" I have ever had were on a Schwinn Stingray. Bars are pretty cheap but to try them out you will need new cables so it can get a little costly. I say go for it and see if you like it or not. If you can find someone with apes or mini apes I say try and get a test ride or at least a test sit. Good luck.
yeah bars are cheap, its all the cables that add up. I really want to go 15 inch but as the bike at the moment is only half mine, I have to go a little easy on making it "me". I may hold off until I buy the other half of it from my step dad. Then go gonzo. :choppersm
Hey, if yours is the front half then you can do it. If it is the back half then it would be a LONG reach. :)
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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