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Are my stock pipes too restrinctive???

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I did the hole-saw mod already. My current set-up is: 60 slow jet, 3 shims on the stock needle, 210 main jet, decaped stock airbox, 2 5/8 out on the A/F. Are the stock pipes enough? Thanks guys!

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nailed it!

No, they are not. They have been engineered and tuned by Honda for optimal performance.
Simpleman has nailed this one down, we ought to put it on all sites!

Honda spent millions getting the X to run reliabily, with no flat spots, idle well and with little vibration. When these engines are modified, mostly to wake the dead, we give up reliable, effortless preformance and trade it for constant gut wrenching angst and frequent tuning. Oh boy,more of that!
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