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Are YOU a Site Sponsor?

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Hi There all you New Guys (and Gals)!

Just wanted to send a reminder out to all folks here. While there is NO requirement to send money to Ray, it IS right and just to do so. A minimum $25 annually will get you Silver Sponsorship. You can go up from there to Gold or Platinum.

Many here have found out how valuable a site this is. My first year, the Cafe' saved me alot of cash I would have otherwise spent getting stuff done at the dealership. So please, if the site is proving itself to be a boon to your enjoyment of the VTX, go to the link up top that says "Support this Site" (right side), and make at least a minimum donation to help defray the time and money Ray is spending on your behalf.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming...
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Spoiler do you know how much the Aluminum sponsorship lever is? I also considered Linoleum for the next level. Dustin I plan on doing the same thing you said, when it is time to renew my sponsorship I will move up.

Also you have that you are from Jackson. Go back to your profile and put a coma after Jackson and add your state. Jackson, OH?
I want to know what the site sponsorship money goes to. Is just pocketing the money?
1 - 2 of 307 Posts
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