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My other bike is a Turbo Busa
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Just Installed some Avon Harley Pegs, Clutch Peg, and I did the hand grips Last Year. It feels like I have air cushions for my feet. Lazy Boy Vtx.

Well here's some photo's. I would give this job a complexity level of 2.8 on a scale of 5. You do need to do some metal grinding and measuring, be prepared.

It is like I ride on Air, what a drastic change over them Kuryukian pegs I had. I ground 2 sets of those down to nothing, Surprised I haven't High Sided
over the bike with those on.

These sit higher now and I can lean far enough to not hit pavement.

Tools and supplies you will need....

A Milwaukee or Dewalt Angle Grinder

A cut off wheel

A hand file, rasp, sandpaper

5/16 x 1/2 chrome spacers from Home Depot

A Starrett Punch

A nice set of Dewalt Drill Bits

A hammer, and some sweat & time
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