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backfire through carb

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i did the scar mod and pair removal. I have no vacuum leaks and I followed all directions with adding three washers. I'm running a velocity stack and open exhaust.The plugs look perfect according to the picture chart. The more I turn the a/f screw out to richin it up, the worse it gets.It idles and starts perfect but as soon as you put a load on it the carb starts popping.I'm at the end of my rope.
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Gottr' dun thanx.
I doubled the foam filter and this added more restriction.The problem I have with this is that the plugs were always black like the carb was set too rich,but now it runs fine and the plugs look good.Retro Rich says if I'm runnung the true velocity stack, that I will need to put new jets in and maybe shim those.I will see when I put the new exhaust next week.
I'll send some pics after I put the exhaust on.The problem is that my camera has such a high resolution that I can't shrink the photo far enough.If you want to host them I'll send them to you.I do have some in the 1300 gallery under MIKE'S BIKE.
Actually, if you go to the 1300 gallery, it's the white C model.
Do you mean it should run lean with that much air?I'm using an oil foam from Thunder cycles.
This is the exhaust that I am putting on this week.No baffles.Considering the stack and the open exhaust what should I start out with for jets?
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I have the hardest time postin a picture on this site!
Here it is.
Hey Rich, I can't find anyone who offers a larger main than 200.Any suggestions would be helpful.What is the model of carb we have?
Thanks Rich,I ordered a 205 and 210 as per your advice,and I feel confident that this should cover it between shimming and a/f screw.Thats a heck of a deal for 7 bucks to my mail box.Let you know what happens.Next we will tackle the variable pitch turbo!!!!!
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