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Bad X seat mod

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I am considering the memory foam seat mod on a 1300S. For anyone who has had this mod done, does the passenger seat meet up as easily with the driver seat after the mod is done? I have a driver backrest attached to the passenger seat and any height change to the back part of the driver seat may cause problems. I want to avoid having a nice seat mod done, but then have to remove the driver backrest because it doesn't fit due to a shape change of the driver seat.

Thanks much.
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hey also had the seat done,you will love it,i had the low rider seat mod,put down in the bike more with plenty of foam for me down in the bike like i wanted,makes you feel your part of the bike,it feels better the more miles you put on it,first mod you should do,folow up with some me thats the first two mods that needs on the 1300.two trash can lids banging together sound better than the factory pipes.just do it,:choppersm
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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