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Badx Seat Mod Is Awesome!!

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I rode up to Mean City Cycles today to get my seats modified. I got the extreme memory foam mod done on my seat and the double decker mod done on the passenger pillion(which he also widened over an inch). I also bought the Cruise N Comfort back rest from and had it shipped to Allen for installation.

He really took his time and made sure the fit was perfect. He would shave down the seat, put it on the bike, I would sit on it, see how it fit me, then he would shave it down some more, then I would try it again. He did this until the fit was perfect. And it only took about an hour or so.

The 110 mile ride up there sucked. My butt was burning and my tail bone was aching. After Allen was done with seat and I sat on the finished seat for the first time, my rear had a huge sigh of relief. After that, I decided to take the 140 mile long way home. No butt burn or aching backside.

Anybody considering getting this done, do yourself a favor and wait no more. You will not regret it. And at $185, It's a bargain!!

Allen (aka BadX) is now my best good friend. Thanks again man!!
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As much as I'd like for BadX to do my seat the time factor is bad for me right now. I need to find a source for the foam and/or gel so I can do it myself.
I could do that but then I'd have twice the money into it. I like doing things myself anyway, that's how I learn.
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