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BAK Re-jet Update

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Ok, don't get too excited on the title of this thread BAK lovers. Just as an FYI, wanted to let you guys out there watching for a post on my experimentation with jetting that it will probably be at least another couple of weeks. I had to cancel my order with Rage Performance yesterday--almost 3 weeks and they still couldn't get my 200 MJ shipped out. Talked to the guys at FactoryPro today (BTW, liked them over the phone--hopefully they're f/u and service is good--I'll keep you posted on that as well). They're Keihin mains are 1/2 the price of Rage's according to the guy on the phone today. Anyway, I'm having a 198, 200 and 205 sent to me and should have them in the next week and installed somethime in the next 2 weeks and find my right set-up.

I'll post BAK (hahahaha--that's just too damn corny) when I have found the right set-up on mine to give you guys something to go off of.

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Retro Rich said:
Hey bart,

Haven't intalled Hick's A/F screw yet; waiting until I get my jets in and work on that so I can do it all at one time. I'll be hooking a tach up as well while I've got it all torn aport. I'll keep you posted.

Rich, whats the skinny on the hick's a/f screw?
Glad to hear the results Rich. I think I am going to go with this set up also, cause I feel like the lower end on my bike is weak. Do you have any popping at all with this set up? Mine is at 2 3/4 turns with the scar method and has a pop every now and again. But would like to get rid off all popping.
Well, I cleaned my plugs real good yesterday. Had a lot of carbon build up on them. I think it was from using the choke a lot before I read this forum. After cleaning plugs went for a ride, about 12 miles. Bike ran really strong. No popping. I hit 40 in first gear with no rev. limiter kicking in. Hit 80 in second gear with no rev. limiter kicking in. She really ran super strong on the upper half of the throttle. Ran good on lower half, but still seems like I could get more power here. Rich, did the rejet help you with the lower end of the throttle? First gear is strong, but when in second, third, forth the lower half seems a little weak. Mabe expecting to much here.

Got home and pulled the plug, and it was clean. Mabe not enough miles to have carbon build up, I will keep and eye on it. Have 3 shims with about 2 3/4 turns on a/f screw.

Overall she is running great, but like you Rich I want all I can get. Think I will order the jets as you said, but keep them on the shelf for a while and see how things work out with current set up. Oh yea, and to let you get it fine tuned so I can do the same. :D

Looks like it is going to be a nice day here, think I will go riding. :choppersm
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1 - 3 of 52 Posts
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