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BAK Re-jet Update

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Ok, don't get too excited on the title of this thread BAK lovers. Just as an FYI, wanted to let you guys out there watching for a post on my experimentation with jetting that it will probably be at least another couple of weeks. I had to cancel my order with Rage Performance yesterday--almost 3 weeks and they still couldn't get my 200 MJ shipped out. Talked to the guys at FactoryPro today (BTW, liked them over the phone--hopefully they're f/u and service is good--I'll keep you posted on that as well). They're Keihin mains are 1/2 the price of Rage's according to the guy on the phone today. Anyway, I'm having a 198, 200 and 205 sent to me and should have them in the next week and installed somethime in the next 2 weeks and find my right set-up.

I'll post BAK (hahahaha--that's just too damn corny) when I have found the right set-up on mine to give you guys something to go off of.

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Rich, I am still wondering about the jet size at sea level, high humidty, high temp. I am using the DJ 210 and it is better than the stock 195 but still seems a little lean. I am going to leave it in there and see if it changes much during our extremes down here. T.
Hey guys correct me if I'm wrong here. I have been thinking that the lower the altitude, higher temp and humidy would make the bike run richer. I was lying in bed thinking about when I used to fly airplanes. The higher the altitude I went to the leaner I would have to adjust the carb mixture. That being said, as the temp and humidty rises I would need to fatten the carb up,go to a larger jet, rather than lean it. Is that right? So guys/gals living at higher altitudes actually can get by with a slightly smaller jet size? T.
Ok, I am an easy sell. I called factory Pro to order some larger jets and I let them sell me one of their kits. The guy tells me that with their needle and the stock spring that you use a 220 main and a 58 pilot. He said the stock spring eliminates mid throttle stutter. I am going to try their kit and see what happens. Add another $69. there is no end to this madness. T.
Ok, Scar so you say this doesn't work. I have not seen this mentioned here so I thought it was something new. I actually called back to order the 200,205,and 210 jets and the guy talked me out of it. So what do I do now? I guess I could refuse it and just order the jets but I will probably be blacklisted and they will not sell me the jets seperately. You have dealt with this company before, what do you think? I am getting tired of taking my carb apart and just want to get it right with the leeast amount of additional work. T.
Thanks for the advice guys. I will call them tomorrow and try to cancel. I hope they didn't ship yet. If they did I guess I could refuse it or send it back. T.
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