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BAK Re-jet Update

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Ok, don't get too excited on the title of this thread BAK lovers. Just as an FYI, wanted to let you guys out there watching for a post on my experimentation with jetting that it will probably be at least another couple of weeks. I had to cancel my order with Rage Performance yesterday--almost 3 weeks and they still couldn't get my 200 MJ shipped out. Talked to the guys at FactoryPro today (BTW, liked them over the phone--hopefully they're f/u and service is good--I'll keep you posted on that as well). They're Keihin mains are 1/2 the price of Rage's according to the guy on the phone today. Anyway, I'm having a 198, 200 and 205 sent to me and should have them in the next week and installed somethime in the next 2 weeks and find my right set-up.

I'll post BAK (hahahaha--that's just too damn corny) when I have found the right set-up on mine to give you guys something to go off of.

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Rich I just knew you were going to jump in there with your bike pulling the front wheel in third gear. No JETS ??? What a bummer!!! GG :D

Retro Rich said:
Sorry man, didn't get home from work until a couple of hours ago and didn't have any time to get on it today. I'm going to try and get out after work in the next couple of nights...I know, I'm just a big let-down :) .

Friggin' work is killing me this week! Aaarrrrgh!
Yeah, that's what you get when you take a vacation. Just twice as much to do when you get back. GG :D
Good Test

Sounds like you had a pretty good test. I'm glad you got it running great. Sounds like it's going like a Bat Out Of Hell. How about the cold weather starts? Warm Up Quick? or normal? GG :D
1 - 3 of 52 Posts
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