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I had a post a couple of days ago about my fun ride in the sun and the 107° heat and how miserable that was.

But from that came a lesson learned.

I had always wondered about wearing black leather chaps in direct sunlight in the hot months of the year. Well my wondering is over and what I found was a real surprise for me. I have had some experiences wearing black or dark blue jeans in the stands at ball games during the day and on the bike and figured the black chaps would provide me with the same miserable experience as with the dark pants, burning legs on top where the sun was beating down.

Just the day before the ride in "hell" the heat was only around 99°. I rode home after work in this without my chaps because I thought it would be cooler. The inside of my right leg was burning hot all the way home. Kept it up on the highway peg and as far from the engine an exhaust as I could. Even with this little maneuver I really thought I was going to have a severe burn on the inside of the right leg. Well I didn't but is was tender the next morning.

So how did the leg fare in the 107° heat ride. Just fine. I wore my chaps on this trip. I was really surprised that my legs did not feel any hotter as a whole wearing the chaps. The huge revelation was the chaps completely stopped the burn on the inside of the right leg. I really didn't notice the inside of the leg seeming any hotter that the rest of the right leg or the left. The leather chaps thickness helped protect the leg by dissipating the heat I guess.

There was some pretty severe heat just above the chaps on the right leg on the inside up to the crotch area next to the tank. Unprotected by the leather and it got pretty warm.

So live and learn. If it heats up the chaps are definitely staying on in my world. May not be the case for everyone but this little insight is gonna make difference for me. No more burning right leg on hot days.

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i'll give you the flip side of that. since i live and ride in Florida, the cold is not really an issue, except for certain times, limited times. of course, the last 2 years have been exceptions even early winter weather.
i have rain gear, the Sentinel from Tour Master. when i first got them, was disappointed with the pants, as they were hotter than i wanted.
i rode to my sisters house in Leesburg, FL, during one of those cold days. i waited till the morning sun came out some, it's a 290 mile, one way ride to her house. along the way, the sun never came out and the day turned cloudy, wind blowing, very wintery like, and it was getting colder instead of warming up.
i had my sweat pants in my overnight bag, since i was going to be staying at her house, and i stopped to put them on. well, i saw my rain gear and being cloudy, i said, let me put them on, just in case it rains. they should block the wind, which will at least keep me warm or not let me be as cold. well, lo and behold, those rain pants kept my buns and gun really toasty warm. some folks asked me if i wore my bike riding pants with shorts on underneath with just boxers. i told them, they're rain gear pants. well, on a couple of other cold occasions that i rode, i've had them on with light cotton thermals, or on other occasions with a light jersey type sweat pants, and i've been riding in 40 degree weather and kept me warm. now, in the summer time, when it rains and i ride, i'll only use shorts and long tube socks, and i'm comfy. so the rain gear has served its purpose and more. i guess it was trial and error also!
years ago, when i lived in the NY/NJ area, i used to have chaps, but now, i haven't found the need for them, nor thought i would in Miami, FL.
didn't want to take over your thread Bobby (rjtmac), it just reminded me of this. thanks for your sharing. :coffee: :choppersm

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i ride in shorts many times during the summer, and i don't have burnt legs from the engines...perhaps i'm just lucky in the 100*/98% humidity no rain muggy summers of SC :)

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Heres something I learned about a good sunburn...

Jump in a hot tub.

No, Im not kidding...

You will cuss like a sailor for about 30-40 seconds, then feel like a million bucks.

Im sure there is some medical reason for this or something... "pulls out the heat" or some such nonsense... but it truly does work.

Just dont have kids around for that first dip :)

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