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Baron's 1 1/2

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OK Boop, Here's a couple of pics. Look ma no wires? I've still got to splice them so they will be long enough to hide. Waiting now on the Big Brown Truck to bring my parts to finish.

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Well, I'd probably compliment you as well, but I can't see the pics. Wherever you have them posted, I'm blocked.

Could you put 1 or 2 in you gallery on this site? I can see those just fine.


And - a BIG THANK YOU to Green Ghost for the mirrors. They are on the bike and knowone has noticed the few scratches on the right one. LOL
I was talking about the pics of GG's 1 1/2" bars close to the beginning of this thread.
I'll try to put one in this weekend Hammer. Don't know why you can't see them. I'm not very computer savy.

It's not you GG. It's how we're setup here.

My company has set up proxys (internet rules) that block certain sites. Since we are a financial inst., they have blocked many, many sites. I used to be able to post pics on BigBike Riders .com. They added a chat room and the site got blocked. One of the rules is any site with a keyword of 'Chat' gets blocked.
I guess I could set up a PC and login from home, but I deal with PCs all day and really don't want to look at one when I get home. If you know what I mean....
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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