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becoming a somewhat "snowbird" sorry

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I just put a down payment on a camper trailer near Ellijay Ga... N.W. Georgia.

I will still be in Ohio during the summer, Georgia in December, January, February, March.

I guess that will make me a "snowbird" ... but with a motorcycle.

How is the weather in the winter months for riding. I own heated gear if it helps...
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well sorry about the word "snowbird"

wife has sister in Georgia. will put camper on in-laws property. free rent, just electric and heat. and food.

and not in town or city. just woods.
update, going to Georgia next week, will take trailer from Atlanta to in-laws near Ellijay and set it up.

also picked up a used cycle trailer, with drop axle. single bike type. Nomanco trailers.
I serviced it. so its ready for December.

and a unwanted surprise. needed to replace both front wheel bearing in my pickup.. 39,000 on truck .. better here at home than on the road.

I would like to start a protest... bring back tapered roller front wheel bearing.. cheap and last almost forever. end of rant.
its OFFICIAL .,,, I have purchased a camper (travel trailer) and moved it onto his (brother-in-law) property. installed 30 amp service and water hookup. this past weekend. spent 3 nights in it (A/C works well)

then prepped it for storage . will return around December.

so when I return. I will have my bike with me. I never thought I would own a bike trailer.
riding 43 years and this is my first bike trailer. but this way I can be in Georgia and have the wife and bike down there.

Hopefully I will be able to meet up with you folks and go for a ride this "Winter"...
I guess I will find out what its like being on the other side of winter.

So 44 years of riding and the first time I will not be prepping the bike for winter storage. just a 700 mile road trip.
OK, I am looking for advice for roads I can go to/on.... one day rides mostly, maybe a max of 450 miles round trip. from Ellijay, Ga.

other states close by is OK as well. and yes I will be writing these down. CRS.. I am past 60 after all...
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