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Bent Pipes Cuasing Major Decel Popping?

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As some of you may know, some time ago I took my bike in to get serviced at the local shop because I felt the idle was inconsistent and it popped far to much for my liking (it was doing this even before I laid it down). Two months and $700 later still no fix.

There were a lot of different theories tossed around but ultimately they said the decel popping and inconsistent sounding idle were due to bent pipes. Now before I go and drop several hundred on a replacement set of Vance and Hines Bigshots I wanted to get the Cafe's suggestions on what could be causing my issues. The only thing Ive done since I bought the bike (used) is to remove the PAIR valve, which helped bring the bike back to where it was before the dealer got a hold of it (it was unbearable driving it home).

As ever Im looking forward to your help and getting my bike where it needs to be :patriot:
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I noticed something else recently. It only really pops once the bike is warmed up. I was riding it around campus the other day off a cold start (didnt really run the choke) and it was almost perfect. But once I took it on the highway for a while it would pop or at least try to pop even at idle.
You said in your first posting that the PAIR valve has been removed. Do you have the proper block-off plates installed? Are you sure that there is no air leaking into the PAIR valve ports on the top of each cylinder head?
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