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Bent Pipes Cuasing Major Decel Popping?

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As some of you may know, some time ago I took my bike in to get serviced at the local shop because I felt the idle was inconsistent and it popped far to much for my liking (it was doing this even before I laid it down). Two months and $700 later still no fix.

There were a lot of different theories tossed around but ultimately they said the decel popping and inconsistent sounding idle were due to bent pipes. Now before I go and drop several hundred on a replacement set of Vance and Hines Bigshots I wanted to get the Cafe's suggestions on what could be causing my issues. The only thing Ive done since I bought the bike (used) is to remove the PAIR valve, which helped bring the bike back to where it was before the dealer got a hold of it (it was unbearable driving it home).

As ever Im looking forward to your help and getting my bike where it needs to be :patriot:
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I apologize for the delayed response, life keeps you busier than youd like sometimes.

Anyway, the work order appears to be:
1) Apply washers with the acorns to ensure seal integrity
2) Check my vacuum lines around the carb
3) Replace exhaust flange gaskets

- I assume acorns are the capped nuts that secure the pipes
- Im not going to lie and say I know anything about the carb and how to check the lines. Is there a guide or a reference I can use?
- No I havent replaced the flanges, how can I tell if I need new ones?
Just found a guide to cleaning the carb over on VTXOA, looks extensive. But if I got to do it, I got to do it.

And no to my knowledge the dealer did nothing to the crab or jets.
I noticed something else recently. It only really pops once the bike is warmed up. I was riding it around campus the other day off a cold start (didnt really run the choke) and it was almost perfect. But once I took it on the highway for a while it would pop or at least try to pop even at idle.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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