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Best cell phone mount? I have a Samsung S20 FE.
Thanks for your feedback
IMO after all my research, the best option was $$, but worth it. It has fast wireless charging (regular wireless charging, or regular wired charging can't keep up with GPS) and has a non-rigid mount, so you don't damage your cameras. Apple warns about mounting your phone to handlebars because the vibration damages image stabilization. This mount is the least likely to do that. You will not be tied to a specific phone, and you don't have to plug in a cable. All you have to do, once setup is, slide the phone into the mount (at an angle) and it holds it in place. Initially I thought you had to adjust it every time, you don't, set it up, then slide it in/out at an angle, and it stays put.

Hondo Garage Mount
Perfect Squeeze Moto Bundle - Hondo Garage Store
Total: $259

My setup:

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