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Hey guys,

So I took my '04 VTX1300 for a ride today. Started it up, gave it a couple of throttle rolls and since it's a hot summer day, I didn't think I'd need to wait for long. So I rode around the blocks for 3-4 minutes. As soon as I reached a stop sign at an intersection (in 1st gear) and pulled in the clutch, I hear the engine going weak (like sputtering instead of the usual booming sound). Then it stalled. I just kept going and started it up on the go. Pulled out the choke a little to help with the engine combustion. It worked, but the choke kept pulling itself back into the original position and the engine went weak again. It stalled again twice until I found a long stretch of road and went into 2nd/ 3rd gear and it was fine (I think it was because of me giving it steady gas).

My last bike was fuel-injected, so I'm not sure if this is a common occurrence for you guys. What do you think might be the problem? Maybe I should have waited out for a couple of minutes before actually riding; and I could manually hold the choke out but I don't think it's supposed to be that way.

This wasn't the issue in my last couple rides, but to be fair those times I had some steady riding before coming to a stop and the engine should have warmed up by then. I'm hoping this is just a regular not-warmed-up problem and not a carb/ engine problem since I do have a road trip planned this Thursday. I plan to get a tune-up on Tuesday, but I do want to get some opinions here first before discussing it with the mechanic.


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Not a choke. Enricher that dumps fuel into engine. Pull your spark plugs they probably covered in black soot from excessive fuel. Black plugs have a hard time keeping engine running at idle. Not as much of an issue up to speed.
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