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Bike self start??

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So it's almost midnight, I'm getting ready to hit the hay. Doing my usual rounds around the house making sure stuff is locked, lights are out, coffee ready for the morning.... 2 steps up to bed, I shit you not, my bike starts!

Now... if you know, my bike needs the choke out to stay running and I NEVER leave the choke on for giggles.... But back to the MAJOR ISSUE here is... how on God's Green Earth did this just happen!?!?!?!?

The key is on the counter next to my wallet, the spare set it locked away in the safe! I'm not electronics wizard but I don't think a bad ground can cause ANYTHING to..START?!?!?!?

I go to the garage the bike is idling.... WTF??! No key in it. Low beam on, when I parked it hi beam was on.... recheck the garage door, locked. Throw on some shoes and hit the floods, walk around the property... no sign of anyone. Very strange.

So, as I am no electrician, is there any way a bike can start itself??? I wouldn't even know where to begin to look. Starter button? Well, doesn't the KEY NEED TO BE IN THE BIKE AND ON?!?!?!?!

Do I need to rename her to Christine's bad ass sister?????
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Iis the bike stock as far as wiring goes.
This is doughtfull but if you were to actually get water into the ignition switch and also
In the starter switch at the same time and it would have to be done in both switches at the same time. So next time you wash the bike don't soak either switch.
"do you have any ghost in your garage that you have been feeding or hanging out with".
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Also you might want to place a drop cord light close but not too close as to melt each switch for a few hours to slowly dry them out. Also to be safe flip the kill switch on and then it can't start.


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Ghost Rider""""

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I really think there has to be a problem with the starter solenoid. There are a number of switches that should prevent this from happening but did not. I assume that it was in neutral since it did not go for a ride by itself. I would do as Tim suggested and turn the petcock off and let it run out of fuel so that it won't be able to start back up.
I disagree, because the lights were on with the key off and if the starter solonide (actually a relay) was bad all it would do is turn over the engine even with the key off tand kickstand down and in gear. with the relay shorted it would not start.


The ignition key shorted your from the water from washing the bike and when that happened there was also water in the starter switch that also shorted across the second contacts which are the starter contacts and the switch was in it's default position for the lights to be on with the key on (shorted from the water).


Next time cover the switches with a bread or a ziplock bag, all three (ignition,starter and headlight) switched and don't spray those areas heavily.

There is a possibility he was a little excited and bumped the light switch. Or his ghost friend needed more light to see.
If a lot of water got into the ignition switch and shorted it - that would put power to the starter switch and if the starter switch gets water in it the lights would be on and the water could short across the contacts and short the pins for the starter switch.
I'm kinda wondering if he was using a power wash or how much water volume he was using.
Getting both switches very wet at the same time could absolutely start it that way as long as it was not in gear.

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????? New Hampshire ? Isn't that where Salem is ? Witches?

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Donut, that would be Salem, Massachusetts. Close enough tho.

That's close enough for me Too!,,
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