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Bike self start??

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So it's almost midnight, I'm getting ready to hit the hay. Doing my usual rounds around the house making sure stuff is locked, lights are out, coffee ready for the morning.... 2 steps up to bed, I shit you not, my bike starts!

Now... if you know, my bike needs the choke out to stay running and I NEVER leave the choke on for giggles.... But back to the MAJOR ISSUE here is... how on God's Green Earth did this just happen!?!?!?!?

The key is on the counter next to my wallet, the spare set it locked away in the safe! I'm not electronics wizard but I don't think a bad ground can cause ANYTHING to..START?!?!?!?

I go to the garage the bike is idling.... WTF??! No key in it. Low beam on, when I parked it hi beam was on.... recheck the garage door, locked. Throw on some shoes and hit the floods, walk around the property... no sign of anyone. Very strange.

So, as I am no electrician, is there any way a bike can start itself??? I wouldn't even know where to begin to look. Starter button? Well, doesn't the KEY NEED TO BE IN THE BIKE AND ON?!?!?!?!

Do I need to rename her to Christine's bad ass sister?????
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One thought comes to mind.


Actually, this is pretty interesting. Looks like it's possible according to fencefixer's and Donut's reply.
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