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Bike shutting off when slowing quickly or sitting at light.

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I was slowing from about 50mph to 20mph as I approached traffic .. noticed the red oil light on my dash .. released the clutch and she fired right up again ..

A few min later, I got to a red light, and she turned off, pulled in the clutch and hit the ignition and she fired right up again.

Even had the tank off this morning as I noticed a drop of gas near the petcock, just had to tighten it a 1/4 turn .. not sure how it got loose. I checked all my hoses & lines.

Any ideas?
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Thnx Donut .. gave it a small twist, only tested it for about 10 min, but so far so good.
Yeah, I noticed it was only an issue last night, maybe in the 50's here and this morning.

I did notice when I got closer to home (25 minutes) and the bike was nice & warm, my idle was much faster. Makes me want to turn it down a hair, but don't want to deal with the stalling.
Yea .. when you get back from your vacation, we'll hook up
Thanks for that, see that sounds high for me .. I would be tempted to turn it down a bit...

I'll tweak it with the tach w/ Alex .. for now if it's idling a bit high, it's ok
Changed the plugs maybe 4k miles ago .. (8 months)
1 - 6 of 22 Posts
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