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Bike shutting off when slowing quickly or sitting at light.

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I was slowing from about 50mph to 20mph as I approached traffic .. noticed the red oil light on my dash .. released the clutch and she fired right up again ..

A few min later, I got to a red light, and she turned off, pulled in the clutch and hit the ignition and she fired right up again.

Even had the tank off this morning as I noticed a drop of gas near the petcock, just had to tighten it a 1/4 turn .. not sure how it got loose. I checked all my hoses & lines.

Any ideas?
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I love this site! 2 guys in this thread with '05 13 Rs with petcock going loose. Guess what I just did..... Hope to not have to post about that! Just goes to show it's good to be an active member. Active in READING instead of just coming here and posting when you have a problem.

Sorry for your issue compmd, but thanks to your post I hope to not have the same problem.
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