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Bike stalled while warming up now won's start. Suggestions please

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Ok, I'm new to cycling so I'm probably missing the simple answer needed.
I started my 1300C with no problems this morning (bike in neutral, petcock in on position, choke all the way in) the bike ran for a minute or two while I was getting ready to ride, it then stalled on me.

I tried to start it up again and it would not turn over. I then proceeded to pull the choke out and try to start it - probably flooding the tank, still wouldn't start. I left it for 15 min or so and tried again, choke all the way in this time, held the throttle while trying to start it and still nothing.

My very limited knowledge consists of a MSF class, please help.

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When I tried with the choke it did not start, it tried to turn over but never fired up. The gas tank is almost full.
thanks for the suggestion, I will check it out as soon as I get done working in a few hours.
Thanks for the suggestions. Here is what I figured out, I'm pretty sure I flooded the tank, but doing that led me to another problem area.

I noticed as I was trying to get it to start the headlamp was going unusually dim, and as my persistent nature kicked I continued to hit the starter hoping it would start if I just tried "one more time". After many "one more times" I noticed the headlamp got progressively dimmer and the engine stopped trying to turn over altogether. :banghead:

That's when I decided to check the battery, which turned out to be pretty much dead. With the new battery it starts up just fine. The guy at batteries plus said the levels on it were very low and that it was near the end of it's usable life...probably a sales pitch, but this is a recent purchase so I figured a fresh battery wouldn't hurt.
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1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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