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Bike trip to VA Beach

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I'm looking at taking the last half of this coming weeks vacation with a bike trip to VA Beach. Was wondering if anyone has some suggestions for lodging around the beach and maybe some places to see. Planning on riding down around Richmond, down to route 460 east to Sufolk and in to the beach that way. The wife and I are hoping the weather will cooperate as it has been a lot of rainy weather in the western part of the state. :patriot:
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When you decide to make the trip down I am here in Suffolk and can show you around, but I don't know about the best places to stay in VB since I just ride home after visiting.
Some friends where staying at the Holiday Inn on the ocean front over the July 4th weekend and claimed it was very nice and (set up for kid fun) which they liked since they brought their 5 year old daughter.
I would ask any hotel/condo facility as to what the majority of quests they cater too the week of your visit.
I myself would hate to stay in a hotel catered to kids if the trip was meant for a romantic (or adult) get away.
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