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Bikefest Seaside Oregon July 16 &17 2010

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just depends how the weather will be.don't like seaside myself,but i'm goin.rode to the car show last year the one in sept and went to a restuarant and they charged extra for toast.found a way home though the coast range (202) nobody on the road with lots of twisties seen 3 cars all the go by an elk reserve(you do have to watch out for animals).it's worth goin just for that road back to portland.only 1/2 hr longer.
headin out friday morning to see what's goin be there.if nothing else i'll make a pepperoni run to the tillamook smoker outlet store.
friday not much of anything vendors setting up not many bikes,but saturday a whole lot different.many 1000 or more bikes coming and going.big groups from seattle area,tacoma etc.a few from california.mostly harely's every kind you can think of.more 1800 than 1300's.65 and cloudy and no wind.big party at to the son of the organizer.last year for has taken over the car shows.the bikefeat brings in more money than both the car shows.he says they may have somebody to take over the show ,but nothing in writing.lot's of money spent here today.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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