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From Miss Penny and the Virginia Freedom Riders
The weeks and months before elections tend to be the ugliest. With all the mud slinging and negative campaigning, it's hard to weed out where anyone stands on any issue. It's even more difficult when the media outlets we tend to depend on for information publically support one candidate over another. We can not expect fair coverage from media that has openly expressed preference of one over another.

I believe bikers are some of the most informed and politically educated people in the nation. It's because of this fact that YOUR vote is so important. You have studied the issues and will cast an informed vote. I know I don't need to remind YOU to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 7, but I'd like to ask that you remind others. Get the word out! This is a big election year and the perfect opportunity to make certain our voices are heard through the ballot we cast!

Voting is not only a right of every American - but a responsibility. Spread the word and let's make certain that Virginia is represented by civil servants that we feel will represent us well.


Yours in Liberty,


Virginia Freedom Riders - Legislative Officer

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