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Bleeding Brakes on an 1800S

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I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who has done this before. I've replaced my stock brake lines and clutch with stainless and have been successful on that point. I've also got the back brakes working OK. However, I can't get the front brakes to work. All the lines have fluid but I can't get an pressure from the hand brake. I've checked and double checked; no leaks. Because the front and back are linked the front brakes work slightly when the back foot brake is applied but that aint gonna fly. Thankfully its winter so I've got a couple of months. I sure would appreciate any tips.
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I do't know about all the others but

I replaced all the hydraulic fluid in my scoot and did it with the Mighty Mite vacumn pump. Cost about thirty five bucks but worth every dime.
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