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Brake Light Stays on after installing New Front Brake Switch

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Thank you in advance for your help!

Brakes work But ...... Brake Light Stays on after installing New Front Brake Switch

I ride a 2005 VTX 1300R.
My rear brake light is working correctly when the foot brake is engaged. However, engaging the handbrake did not turn the light on.
I Replaced the handbrake switch. After installing the switch, the brake light remains on. Disconnecting the switch and the foot brake still works fine.

Tried but did not work.
WD40 on the brake lever and foot levers to see if it was stuck.
Check master cylinder and the wires all look fine.
Adjusted the pressure from the foot brake switch, no change.
Tried a second front brake switch in case the first was defective.

I am out of ideas and appreciate any help I can get. Thank you.
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Sounds very strange. I replaced my front brake switch as it had stopped working properly. It was a simple replacement, and plug and play. I also ride an 05 1300R. Wish I could be of more help if you already said the wires were good. If there are two wires that run to it, no possibility they are installed on the wrong terminal? Not sure if they could get crossed, or if it would matter if they did.

I guess the only other thing could be if you have confirmed you have a proper and correct switch. Not sure how universal the front brake lever switch is with other bikes, but if it's a proper one for the VTX set up. I took my old one with me when I went and got a new one and found one that was nearly identical in appearance. All the mounting holes were in the right spots.

Otherwise, you may need to consult a wiring diagram and make sure everything is going where it should be. Did you mess with any other wires from the front brake lever to the brake light? Sounds very strange for a little piece to cause such grief.
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Thanks for the message. I did buy a Honda OEM part directly from the dealer. Tried 2 different ones just in case.
I also tried switching the 2 wire and that didn't make a difference. I have not done any other wiring to the bike. Mostly just change the oil and put in gas. The bike works great all the time. This one has me baffled. Thanks.
Disconnect wires from the front brake.
Now see if the rear brake actuates the light correctly.
Do the same to the rear brake and see if the front brake actuates light correctly.
Next step is do you have aftermarket Clutch and Brake levers.
Some aftermarket levers need the nub adjusted with a file to work correctly
If memory serves me correctly, I believe the front brake switch is a tubular design with a plunger actuator. I found these to be a little touchy when installing them. You had to get them just right in their hole for them to function properly. There may be notches in the switch or lever perch to assure the switch is properly oriented and inserted the right depth. Take a look for these and for proper insertion.
Thanks for the idea.
When I disconnect the front handbrake, the back footbrake works properly.
When I disconnect the back footbrake, the light for the handbrake continues to remain on.
So its something with the front handbrake.
i would guess it is what charlie said. the lever tab is keeping the switch active. easy way to see if that is the issue is to take the switch off and plug it in without being installed. then use your finger and press the switch. if the light comes on when you push the switch...then the lever is keeping in contact with the switch and you will have to modify it.
Disconnet the two wires from the switch, lamp off.
Connect two wires together, lamp on.
If above correct, reinstall switch and connect two wires to switch, lamp off, OK. Lamp on, switch installed incorrectly or wrong switch.

Wishing you well! :patriot:
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Thanks to everyone. My light is now working correctly. It ended up being the switch. The first 2 were both OEM and Defective. A third switch finally worked. Thank you all.
Good call Mooneydriver!!! That is what you call troubleshooting!!!!!!
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