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Brief starter noise when stopping motor ???

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My '07 1300R has 2,480 miles on her and here's the scenario...

I notice a very brief (less than half a second) noise that sounds like the starter possibly engaging when I shut the engine off. Placing my hand on the starter motor comfirms the starter doesn't feel like it's spinning while the motor is running, and the starter noise at motor shut down is accompanied by the same feel on the starter motor as when I hit the start button (i.e. the starter motor is turning at that point). There are no unusual noises or vibrations noticeable when riding or when the bike is sitting still, idling.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? This is my 1st VTX and I love the bike! Just checked the valve clearances (they were dead-on) and am getting to put a set of slip-ons in place of the large factory mufflers. I've owned Harleys in the past, but after coming back from Afghanistan a couple of weeks ago, it's nice to ride a bike that's much more comfortable!

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this:patriot:
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Mine does it too. Sometimes more noticeable than others. I've tried to record the sound but it doesn't happen when I am trying to record it. :banghead:

Glad to hear that others experience the same sound!!
SWWEEEEETTTT. Thanks Pretorian!!

Well there you go. It is normal. One less thing to wonder about.
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