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buying a bike

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ok...not yet..but soon. actually I have a question about buying. I've bought a lot of used cars in my time, but never have I ran across one that the bank still owned. When I find the right bike how do I handle buying it from an individual if it still has a lien on it?
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Don't. As cheap as these bikes are, If someone still has a lien on it, they may have money issues which usually lead to other issues and so on. They may just take your money and not payoff the bike. There are plenty out there with no liens to choose from. I dealt with this very issue when I was looking for my bike. Decided on the one with less aftermarket parts but was a fully owned bike. The other was one which had exactly what I was looking for but had a lien on it. Couldn't get myself to pull the trigger on it though. Too many unknowns you can't control.
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